In 1980’s Renato Scantamburlo and his wife Loredana Da Prà founded an artisan workshop of burnishing brass and copper through oxidation process, working principally for the lightning industry.

Their son Christian continued the family business and expanded the company collaborating with important brands of interior furniture, architects and designers.

"Christian re-invented the burnishing of iron"

Lusent35 is the brand of artistic furniture and decorative objects where Christian can express all his creativity experimenting with the process of oxidation and pushing materials to their limit.

He chooses to work mainly with iron, a poor material that become precious thanks to contemporary design and finishing.

Christian re-invented the burnishing of iron with natural and innovative techniques, exploring new colours, playing with fantasy and creativity, mastering on chemical knowledge and making the process completely and deeply his.

"His works seem like a painting"

His works seem like a painting but colours are already inside the material and tones are so natural recalling wood, marble and granite coating.

Corrosion provokes original physio-chemical reactions and Christian guides colours to come out where and when he want to: that’s like a magic.

Creative ideas and craftsmanship intertwine to make each object an unique piece.