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Triade Kit

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Set of three iron tables, in three sizes and heights to scale. Extremely simple in their shape with a round top and three thin legs, each of them becomes a unique and unrepeatable work. The variations are infinite, random, produced in the inspiration of the moment. With skilful oxidation techniques they take inspiration from nature, art and dreams. Their multicolored shades give the metal surface an extraordinary expressiveness, bringing them to the center of attention in every interior design project.

TRIADE is a tribute to the theory of absolute spirit expounded by Hegel which well describes the phases of these artistic creations: the thesis, the idea as a pure concept; the antithesis, the idea that is lost in its opposite and therefore in matter; the synthesis, the idea that becomes spirit living in man and materializes in the artistic work.

Color: Triade

Material: Iron

Dimensions: Kit Consisting of  3 Tables Small Ø 36cm | H 36cm | W 4,2kg - Medium Ø 47cm | H 41cm | W 6.5kg - Big Ø 60cm | H 46cm | W 9.5cm 

Weight: 20.2kg 


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Triade Kit
Triade Kit
Triade Kit