The meticulous attention to details, the manual execution of all finishing operations and the use of strictly natural origin substances testify to the artisanal nature of LUSENT35's works, whose true identity and raison d'être is to experiment with metal and bring all its potential to the surface.

The extraordinary portfolio of finishes is constantly expanding, infinite shades to embellish any work and follow each time a different mood.


Inspired By Nature

Inspired by nature, art and dreams, Christian gives shape to his artistic imagination. Its multicolored shades give the metal surface an extraordinary expressiveness.



Once the artistic oxidation process is completed, all the works are finally treated on the surface with a transparent varnish coating to make them long-lasting and resistant over time.


Every Piece Is Unique

Our incredible finishes have been achieved after numerous tests and samples. Reach out to us if you have any doubt about our process.