In the 1980s Renato and Loredana founded the Da Prà company with the attempt to transfer their copper and brass oxidation technique and their artisanal ideas into the industrial processes of lighting companies, leading to entirely original results.

His son Christian continues the family business and expands it by collaborating with important furniture brands, architects and designers.

OUr Story

Re-inventing iron

With the Lusent35 brand Christian draws on its heritage encompassing not only creative inspiration and technical skills, but above all artistic knowledge, to continuously improve and pursue the uniqueness, refinement and intrinsic charm of metal.

Our Story

Like a painting

Extensive knowledge and love for the material and its expressive potentialities, as well as great creativity and continuous technological research are imperative to forge a true metal work-of-art.

Our Story

From father to son

Thanks to his father's skills and expertise in setting, choosing and processing the right material Christian is able to add special magic to each artifact.